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    CT Scan


    The 16 slice Multi-Detector CT Scan Machine (Canon – Aquilion) with Ambient experience provides coverage, speed, power, and resolution, which enable physicians to capture images of the body in few seconds.

    Various features of this machine are:

    • Whole-body CT in an ambient environment is capable of precisely identifying even tiny structures with low levels of radiation.
    • High-resolution fast imaging of any part of the body with exquisite multi-planar reconstructions, especially required for cerebral, pulmonary, upper, and lower limb scans.
    • Excellent 3-D reconstruction of bones and other structures showing detailed anatomy, free of artifacts.
    • Excellent visualization of vasculature in CT Angiogram studies.
    • Option of 3-D virtual scope in various parts such as virtual colonoscopy, bronchoscopy & laryngoscopy.
    • Quantitative computed tomography Bone Mineral density  ( QCT BMD ) software will provide superior quantitative analysis of bone minerals which is used primarily in the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis.
    • Dental planning generates panoramic and cross-sectional views of the mandible and maxilla.