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    Pediatric Dentistry

    Pediatric dentistry covers common preventative treatments such as cleaning,
    fluoride treatment, and dental sealant, as well as mouth Radiographs, dental
    fillings, extractions, and early orthodontics.

    Children benefit from pedodontist, where the dentist would perform routine
    procedures, such as a comprehensive dental examination, but it is particularly
    important for children with toothaches, cavities, poor oral hygiene, or other
    Scope of Services
    • Preventive treatment: child interceptive orthodontic treatment
    • Surgical treatment, oral minor surgery.
    • Dental trauma management
    • Restorative treatments including RCT, filling, crowns (stainless steel crown,
    aesthetic zirconia crown )
    • Child behavior management
    • Complete Oral Rehabilitation for Pediatric Patient under General Anesthesia
    (COR under GA)
    • Provides special expertise and high quality services