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    Digital X-Ray

    At Seha Emirates we use Digital X-Rays so that your X-Ray is sent to your doctor’s computer in a matter of seconds! They take less time to develop since there is no chemical processing, speeding up the time of your results. Best of all, there is less radiation used than with a conventional X-Ray machine!

    Digital Radiography experts compare Digital X-Rays to Digital cameras. Before we had the convenience of digital cameras, we had to load rolls of film into large cameras, store them, then take them to the store to have them chemically processed. Now, we can see the image immediately on the reverse side of the camera, so we can instantly see the portrait we have just shot. Then we instantly upload them to our home computer, making it so much more convenient for us!

    In that very same way, digital X-Ray takes the lengthy process of taking the images and developing and shrinks down the wait time. Your doctor can even show you the results on the computer, and provide you with a CD with your images on them. Bonus: All this without using environmentally hazardous chemicals!