Specialty Obstetrics & Gynecology

MD, D.I.S (France).

Experience  24 Years
Workdays Saturday to Thursday
Languages Arabic ,French & English

Dr. Amal Abu Merhi

Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology
telephone-1+971 2 4438 999

Dr Amal completed her graduation from the University of Medicine (Sfax- Tunisia) 1991, Obstetric gynecologist surgeon from university of medicine (Poitiers-France) 1997. )


  1. Certificate from American aesthetic association in cosmetic gynecology march 2019
  2. Diploma in Breast Diseases from the University of Pierre and Marie-Curie (Paris-France) 1995
  3. Diploma in Pelvic and Antenatal Ultrasound from the University of Occidental Britain (Brest- France) 1996
  4. Diploma in Fetal Diseases from the University of Victor Segalen (Bordeaux-France) 1997
  5. Diploma in Infertility and Reproduction from the University of Francois Rabelais (Tours- France) 1995
  6. Diploma european in Operative Endoscopy from the University of Auvergne (Clermont Ferrand-France) 1998