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    (EEG) Electroencephalogram

    How to prepare for EEG in an outpatient setting?

    Hello, my name is Malavika, and I am the EEG technician at Seha Emirates Hospital. If your Physician requests that you or your family member have an EEG, I want to prepare you for the procedure, and arrange appointments for EEG also answer questions, and allay any fears you may have.

    EEG is an abbreviation for “electroencephalogram”, which is a recording of the electrical activity generated by the neurons of the brain. We do EEG testing for various reasons; which include epilepsy, syncope or passing out spells, and mental status changes.

    please understand that the test does not hurt at all. I will go through the instructions you must take in preparation for the test. If you are consulting with a doctor here, we make a report in one day once the physician is reviewed and if you’re sent by the physician outside the clinic/ hospital, the report will be mailed to this referring doctor in 1-2 days after the test.

    During the EEG tests: Your doctor may order a Routine EEG or a Multi-hour or longer EEG. For the Routine EEG you will be allotted 90 minutes for the appointment, and this will include the electrode application process, the actual running of the test which is 20-25 minutes, along with the clean-up process. For the Multi-hour test, you will be allotted three hours and the only difference is that the EEG will run for 75 minutes. Sleep is especially important in this recording since we have such an extended time to record the data.

    How should I prepare for my EEG?

    • Please come with clean, dry hair with no hair gel or other hair products. We will NOT have to shave or cut your hair for the test.
    • It is helpful to bring a list of current medications as the technologist will ask what medications you are taking.
    • It is often beneficial to sleep during the test. Please avoid naps, alcohol, and caffeine before the test. Follow the physician’s instructions for the amount of sleep to get the night before if you are coming for a sleep-deprived EEG.
    • Continue taking scheduled medications unless told otherwise by your physician. Continue eating and drinking normally before the test.
    • Wear comfortable clothing. You may be sitting and or lying on a bed during the test.

    Please report to reception 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you are going to be late due to traffic, road conditions, etc., please call +971 2 44 38 999 to let us know or rebook if necessary, and also you can contact this number for booking EEG appointments.