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    Seha Emirates sends all the samples to Dublin Health Services Referral laboratory. Dublin Health Services is the Management and Investment Company for Seha Emirates, headed by well experienced pathologists with vast knowledge of all aspects of pathology, provides a wide variety of clinical tests and investigations using a Total Laboratory Automation system, enabling us to perform more than 80% of the tests in real time.

    Empowered with a highly qualified and experienced team of specialist haematologists and pathologists, we operate 14 hours a day to guarantee fast results, and more importantly, accurate results monitored by both internal and external quality assurance programs such as the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in the USA.

    Our wide service range includes biochemistry, microbiology, hematology, cytology, immune-hematology, serology, parasitology, immunology, clinical pathology, endocrinology, coagulation, histopathology and infectious diseases.

    Additionally we cater to other laboratories, collecting samples from them almost immediately after the request is made, transporting the samples in the correct environment, and returning the validated results by our secure online system, fax or email as soon as they are available.

    1. Hematology:

    Fully automated and computerized 3 part differential Hematology Analyzer using Hydro Dynamic Focusing, to generate highly accurate blood cell counts with histogram for aiding in the diagnosis of Anemias, Leukemias and different kinds of chronic diseases identification and monitoring. Fully automated Coangulation Disorder Analyzer for PT, PTT, INR, Fibrinogen, TT etc.

    2. Biochemistry:

    Fully automated and computerized Biochemistry Analyzer generating accurate and high throughput results for routine and special biochemistry parameters from Cobus Integra 400 plus//Roche backed up by regular quality control and calibration programs.

    3. Immunoassay:

    Fully automated computerized, Immunoassay Analyzer (Cobus e411/Roche) for evaluation of various analytes like Hormones, Tumor markers, Cardiac markers, Infectious Diseases, Bone marker using Electro-Chemiluminescent Immunoassay capable of high and accurate throughput.

    4. Other Tests Instruments:

    In the lab includes special automated and instrumentation for accurate estimation of HbA1c (Glycosylated Hemoglobin for evaluating diabetes and control monitoring) by HPLC technology, Microalbuminuria for early signs of kidney damage.

    5. For certain special and rarely requisitioned tests:

    We have direct links with Bioscientia and National Reference Laboratory, both of which are accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

    Additionally SEHA EMIRATES Lab is in the process of acquiring CAP accreditation from the USA.