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    Open MRI 0.5 Tesla for claustrophobic patients.

    Affinity C-shape magnet design, creating a maximum of openness, offer a maximum vision for patients, especially leave much space comfort for obese patients, minimizing claustrophobia of patients, and providing more space for MR procedures.

    The powerful 1.5 Tesla MRI system (Toshiba Vantage Elan) with ambient experience is designed to meet the demanding criteria of today’s progressive health care providers.

    Our 1.5 Tesla closed high-field MRI creates clear, concise images of almost any part of the body, at any angle, without X-Rays. These precise images can lead to early detection and treatment of disease, especially brain and nervous system disorders, cancer, musculoskeletal problems, and vascular disease.

    Advanced magnet system, which generates a highly homogeneous static magnetic field and ensures a wide scanning range and stable image quality.

    Non-contrast Imaging with a complete suite of contrast-free MR Angiogram techniques.

    Quieter scans: enhanced comfort and patient satisfaction from pianissimo noise-reduction technology.

    Improved patient line of sight with short bore design which decreases patient claustrophobia.