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    The Neurosurgery Department of Seha Emirates Hospital provides expert care, consultation & treatment for the following cases:


    • Headache
    • Low back pain and leg pain (sciatica).
    • Neck and arm pain
    • Facial pain
    • Epilepsy
    • Brain tumors in adults and children
    • Sphincteric disorders as urinary incontinence/retention and constipation
    • Gait and balance disturbances
    • Deterioration of hearing, tinnitus, and vertigo
    • Deterioration of visual acuity and visual field defects
    • Pituitary gland hormonal disorders
    • Head, spine, and spinal cord injuries
    • Pediatric neurosurgery
    • Spine surgery including fixation and microscopic disc surgery
    • Spinal cord surgery
    • Peripheral nerve surgery
    • Parkinson disease
    • Neuropathic disorder
    • Demyelination disease
    • Memory Impairment
    • Stroke treatment
    • Dizziness