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    Physiotherapy is the use of physical procedures such as exercises to treat patients with diseases or injuries. It is used to rehabilitate the body and to prevent further complications that could arise from the lack of use of a body part.

    Physiotherapy includes specific exercises designed to keep a person fit, to help condition the muscles necessary to prevent injuries, to help reduce or eliminate pain and promote soft tissue healing. We use proven methods of treatment such as heat, cold, electrotherapy, and therapeutic massage.

    Patients needs vary from one to another and from session to session. We offer the following services:

    • TENS
    • interferential current
    • therapeutic ultrasound
    • cryotherapy
    • hot moist therapy
    • intermittent traction
    • therapeutic exercises our physiotherapist will teach you specific exercises, such as joint protection techniques and proper body mechanics, to help ease the pain at home and at work. As your condition improves, additional exercises will be prescribed to strengthen the muscles and stretch tight muscles and joints.